В этом разделе мной публикуются записи на профессиональную тематику, но есть также и просто заметки из жизни. Часть из них на английском языке для широкой аудитории.

P.S. Записи отражают сугубо моё личное мнение, не претендующее на истину.

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Why you should not use Gatsby Link by default

Many people, including me, initially choose Gatsby, because it helps to create static websites using React quite easily. I know that there…

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":nth-child" is potentially unsafe when doing SSR

After some changes in the project I'm working on I noticed error in the console: The pseudo class ":nth-child" is potentially unsafe when…

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What developers need to know when working with web designers

Any serious project involves a dedicated designer role — a person who will create beautiful, modern design mockups for the product. Designer…

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Lint-staged with Prettier proper configuring

One of the most common use cases for lint-staged is formatting files using Prettier. Documentation of lint-staged is full of references to…

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Выгодно ли платить картой МИР при поездках в Беларусь

Мне иногда приходится ездить в Беларусь. До недавнего времени было очень удобно расплачиваться картой МИР в российских рублях в Беларуси…

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Migrating from Yarn v1 to v4 on Node.js v20

The recommended (and seems to be the only) way of installing modern release of Yarn accordingly to the docs is using Corepack. This seems to…

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Top-level await statements in TypeScript

I have a local TypeScript project, and there is a script in this project, that performs async tasks, where I naturally want to use top-level…

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Смена адреса сайта

Когда-то, в 2018 году, я совершил ошибку, зарегистрировав сайт в "экзотической" доменной зоне .name. Тогда мне почему-то казалось, что так…

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Расшифровка VIN Volvo

Недавно столкнулся с проблемой расшифровки VIN для Volvo. Все ссылки, которые выдавал поисковик, были либо неработающие, либо выдавали…

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Excluding traffic from Netlify deployment bot in Google Analytics

Currently I'm using Netlify for hosting this website, and it's pretty awesome. Recently I did a bunch of small updates to my site (mainly…

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Can I send HTTP GET request with body from browser?

TLDR; No. Despite the fact that HTTP/1.1 spec seems to not restrict GET requests with body any longer accordingly to this thread, this seems…

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How to transfer files between computers using IPFS

When it comes to transferring files between computers usually there are many options. One relatively new and modern option is to use IPFS…

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Automated UI Testing at Dock

At Dock we rely heavily on automated UI testing as a primary way of ensuring quality and preventing regressions in our web apps and…

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Git branches are not branches?

I personally love Git. It is much better than anything else I've used before. However there is one feature I don't like. I'm talking about…

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